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Rick H. Merrill - Attorney

Rick H. Merrill - Attorney

When you need experienced representation for a DUICriminal DefensePersonal Injury, or Traffic ticket, choose the lawyer who's been helping people get the best outcomes possible since 1992.  

Rick wants to make sure a misunderstanding or mistake does not bring your whole life to a screeching halt. Our results-oriented legal team adds authority and an aggressively proactive level of professionalism to your defense.

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August 3, 2015
5/5 stars
I had a bad stretch of 5 speeding tickets over the past 2 years (in a Prius!). Mostly I was able to contest them and get them converted to non-moving violations for varying amounts of "extra penalties" (and was promised each time that they wouldn't show up on my record as moving violations), but the last time I got one the DA working the court that day said that since I had previous speeding tickets that they wouldn't convert to moving anymore, so so much for that promise. I had to eat that one.

Unfortunately I got another speeding ticket a few months ago and - having seen him working the *last* time I was in court - called Rick's office. I'd never hired an attorney to contest a ticket before, and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was (and convenient - I didn't have to appear in court). I was even *more* surprised that Rick was able to get the ticket dismissed! Impressive.

I hope I don't need to call him again (I know - slow down!), but I would in a heartbeat.






Rick grew up in a small farm town in Eastern Washington.  In 1978 Rick started working as a volunteer at the juvenile jail playing ball with the kids who were in the detention center in Walla Walla. 

In 1979 Rick started working as a prison guard at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla.  There he worked on death row and in the segregation unit. 

The Criminal Justice System

In 1981 Rick obtained his Criminal Justice degree from Eastern Washington University.  In 1982, Rick wanted to branch out, so he worked as a correctional counselor at a work camp in Olympia.  There he helped to process inmates out of the institution and out into society. 

Working throughout the correctional system, Rick obtained a position in 1983 as a Washington State parole/probation officer.  As a parole/probation officer he worked in several areas of Washington from Aberdeen to the Seattle/Bellevue area. 

The Law

While working as a Washington State parole/probation officer Rick also was attending Seattle University Law School.  During the years 1989 to 1992 Rick worked as a United States parole/probation officer in the United States District Court of Washington, in Seattle.

In 1990, Rick obtained his law degree from Seattle University Law School and in 1991 passed the bar exam.  Rick began practicing law in 1992 as a criminal attorney in Bellevue. 

Law Offices In Everett

In 1998, Rick purchased “The Little Blue House” in Everett on Colby Avenue and has been practicing law from there ever since.

Rick Merrill Attorney

Rick Merrill Attorney

The Little Blue House

The Little Blue House - Home of The Law Offices of Rick H. Merrill, Everett, Washington State

The Little Blue House - Home of The Law Offices of Rick H. Merrill, Everett, Washington State