2018 Scholarship Winners

We are Pleased to Announce the Winner of the $1500 Attorney Rick Merrill Dream Scholarship for 2018...

The Attorney Rick Merrill Dream Scholarship was started in order to help support the dreams of a current high school or college student looking to make a difference through the pursuit of their passion. 

We had many qualified applicants and after significant deliberation a tie was declared and our winners were chosen.

Congratulations to our two $1500 winners Casey Benson and June Chang!

The highlights of their winning applications are below... 

Casey Benson 2018 Scholarship 500.jpg

We are ecstatic to support Casey Benson with her dream-Geneticist

Seeing people, like one of these children, suffer every day from disease breaks my heart and makes me want to scour for solutions and inspire me to become a geneticist.

Genetics has high potential  to positively affect the quality of life for children in our society and make an enormous difference by positively impacting societal standards of life quality. Furthermore, it is believed by many scientists that the cure to many diseases lies within the processes and functions of DNA.

This dream is important to me, because of the potential to cure diseases and perhaps destructive habits and addictions.  I am working to change the lives of all people through advancements in genetics.

June Chang 2018 Scholarship 1200.jpg

We are ecstatic to support June Chang with her dream- Psychology and Economics

I have a responsibility to use my perspective and voice to lead a discussion that’ll reform the way mental health is perceived in today’s society.  My mission, is helping to lower suicide rates and fighting for reconciliation of the silence around mental health issues.

This statue shows a grandchild with his grandfather sitting on a bench, expressing feelings of love and familial bond represents what many are hoping for: love, acceptance, healing, and strength in times of adversity.

I want to help others discover their capabilities and potentials through overcoming their hardships.  I hope to open my own private practice, where I’ll be able to find ways to end the marginalization of mental illnesses, better an individual’s life, and encourage resources that help those in need.

Congratulations again to our winners Casey Benson and June Chang! 

Stay tuned for more good news next week.

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Image Credit: Casey Benson and June Chang