2021 March Educator of the Month Sara Coiley

Attorney Rick Merrill Is Honoring Educators In Snohomish County.

These are educators who demonstrate their care and commitment to each generation of children.   Winners are presented a plaque donated by Awards Service, Inc. and $500 to help defray miscellaneous costs for the classroom.

Congratulations To Our 2021 March Educator Of The Month, Sara Coiley of the Everett High School.

Nominated by  Lukas P.

Words cannot describe the impact Sara Coiley has had on my life (both academic and personal).

When I was a student in high school I was quite shy and very nervous. Sara took the time out of her day to connect with me and to give me the confidence to pursue theatre. If it wasn’t for Sara, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

She pulls resources together like nobody’s business and works with a club budget that isn’t nearly large enough for the program. Her time at Everett High has brought more students, diversity, and love into the arts and drama department at the school.

About the Everett High School Drama Club: The Theatre Program has over 100 students who partake in Theatre and Technical Theatre classes, and includes almost 100 students who participate in extra-curricular plays, improv and musicals each season. Our curriculum courses offered are Beginning Drama, Intermediate/Advanced Drama, Technical Theatre I, II & III. All drama courses are semester long and students receive 0.5 fine arts credit; our technical theatre I course is a full year course in which our students receive a 1.0 fine arts and 1.0 CTE credit; technical theatre II & III are both semester courses and students receive 0.5 fine arts and 0.5 CTE credit. Our extracurricular program provides opportunity for students to earn varsity letter and points toward induction into the International Theatre Society – an honor society for the performing arts.

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