Accident Tickets


Accidents have many different components and can be very complex at times.

These can include injuries, vehicle damage, vehicle loss, property damage, impound, clean up fees and tickets.

Accident tickets

Not all accidents result in an issuance of a traffic ticket.  Some common citations issued due to an accident include: speed too fast for conditions, improper lane change, failure to yield, failure to stop, following too close and negligent driving.

These infractions are considered moving violations and can effect your record. If a citation is issued regarding the accident it would appear in the infractions section of the motor vehicle record.

We Can Help

Once hired, we would go to court for you and help fight the traffic ticket in court. Our goal is to keep the citation, the moving violation, off of the infraction section of your driving record.  

In Washington the report of an accident will appear on your driving record in the Accident Section. This record is not able to be removed.

There are many ways an experienced traffic attorney can help you.

Call us now to ask additional questions or to hire an experienced attorney who has deep connections with the local legal system.

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