Cookies for the Future

Cookies for the Future

Each year the sales of Girl Scout cookies provide funds for great learning adventures, and other opportunities for girls.  In addition these Girl Scouts are learning a variety of valuable life skills while they are planning, setting up, selling and reporting their sales of these delightful morsels.

Rick likes to help youth reach for their goals and has been purchasing Girls Scout Cookies for the past several years. These young ladies sold Merrill Law up to a total of 40 boxes of Girls Scout Cookies each year.

Fun and Goals 

It is exciting to listen as they tell us the things they enjoy in Girl Scouts. 

Some of their goals have included trips to Disneyland, Fundraising for Summer Camps, Support for yearly meetings to help make the fun keep happening.

This year our girls came from Troops in Maltby, Monroe, and Mukilteo

When asked what their favorite Girl Scout event was their answers included:

  • A cruise to Mazatlan with the troop.
  • Camping in cabins-because “Who wants to do the work of setting up the tent!”
  • World Thinkers Day and Stuff the Bus with schools supplies to donate to students in need.
  • A trip to the Birch Bay Water Park and giving Teddy Bears to kids at Children’s Hospital.
  • Earning all of the Badges.

One group ordered 25,000 boxes of cookies, one scout had already surpassed her sales goal,

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