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Rick Merrill is Honoring Educators in Snohomish County...

Who demonstrate their care and commitment to each generation of children.   Winners are presented a plaque donated by Awards Service, Inc., a great big check to display, and $500 to help defray miscellaneous costs for the classroom.
We would like to Congratulate the November Educator of the Month Winner…
William Stuflick, of the Everett Community College.

Please Enjoy this Nomination by Lyla H…

William and I met in June, 2018 while I was trying to network and find meaningful post-secondary opportunities for my high school students at Lake Stevens High School. I am a life skills teacher at Lake Stevens and had the opportunity to teach a work experience class to seniors during the 2018-2019 school year.

Although I was very excited, I had no budget or any real curriculum to hit the ground running. I wanted to make a difference, but didn’t know how. So as soon as summer started, I started looking to my community for help. I spent a lot of my summer meeting with people in Snohomish County to try and build partnerships that I could extend into my classroom.

One of these meetings was with William Stuflick at Everett Community College. William is a Dean there and spent time meeting with me so I could learn about, not only opportunities with Everett Community College, but opportunities outside of college as well. Many of my students are credit deficient and do not have college as an immediate goal in their future.

William took the time to listen to every unique story I told him about my students and gave me a chance to brainstorm ideas for gaps I was hoping to fill. Even though I had no specific requests, it was nice to have a partner in the community help me help these students. William and I met multiple times during the Summer and came up with a plan to support the kids once the school year officially started.

I had a tentative plan to have William come visit our classroom once a month, and was worried even that would be too much since he would be leaving EVCC to come see us at LSHS. Due to limited transportation funding, William was more than happy to come to us which made us even more excited since students would not miss extra class travelling. Not only did William want to come out once a month to our classroom, but he requested to come out every two weeks.

Every visit, he brings an engaging, hands-on lesson that captivates the students and makes them WANT to learn. They are drawn to his personality, his history, and the stories he has to tell so that they can learn from his past mistakes.

William has spent countless dollars bringing in supplies to make learning hands-on for my students. He has made fun lessons like replicating metal sheet work cutting and fluffy slime to mimic pouring a cast in the nursing field. He has even bought them all Wendy’s as well!

The kids have learned core academic concepts, but I am blown away with the social skills that they are learning. These key soft skills like communication, self-advocacy, flexibility and much more are authentic learning opportunities that William integrates into all of his lessons. I am simply grateful to be even in the same classroom with him when he teaches.

William is kind, he is genuine, and he wants to make a difference in people's lives. He has devoted a lot of time outside of his own work and personal life to come and support students who society will let fall through the cracks if someone doesn't help them. I know this award would mean a lot to him, and hopefully be a small gesture from me to show him how much he means to us at Lake Stevens.

Note from William…

 I wanted to send you another thank you for the award. I sincerely appreciate Mr. Merrill's generosity in recognizing our efforts with the Lake Stevens kids. Each student in now on pace to graduate this year; with one student graduating in the winter semester.  

The funds awarded have been donated to the EvCC Center for Disability Services to help provide direct support to students with disabilities. These funds will go a long way to assisting students with achieving their academic goals! Once again thank you all so much for the award and the funding to assist our students of promise. 

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