Fun Santa Photo Event with the Jingle Horse!

Santa and Jingles.jpg

Santa has invited Jingles to join him during his visit this year.

Kids and grown ups alike enjoyed their visit with Santa and Jingles on December 9th 2018.

Jingles decided that he liked to be in the tent for much of the photo shoot, as the rain was a bit distracting.

Hay Jingles? No Thanks, I had some already!

Hay Jingles? No Thanks, I had some already!

Santa, my Christmas wish is…

Santa, my Christmas wish is…

Christmas is almost here.

Christmas is almost here.

We saw the horse and had to come check it out.

We saw the horse and had to come check it out.

If you have not gotten your photos yet..

Please call the office at 425-259-4972.

We have some great photos of a a little guy in his cute red vest and another little guy in frog boots. We need to verify contact information to send the photos.

Beck’s Place

A special thank you to all who have donated to Beck’s Place, you helped to make someones day so much better. I took a carload to Beck’s Place including 10 sleeping bags, pet food, coats, boots and cash.

We are accepting donations for Beck’s Place in Monroe. until December 28th 2018.

  • Pet food and supplies

  • Hygiene items

  • Household cleaning supplies

  • Outdoor sleeping supplies

  • Clothing

Beck’s Place is committed to helping people and pets in our local community who are really struggling to move forward in life.

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Image Credit: Aurora MacAvoy and Holly Ramsey