Have you Nominated your Favorite Educator?

Educator of the Month

Did you know that Rick is wanting to give away $500 a month to a local educator?  We have really been working hard to get the word out that Rick is wanting to support our local educators.  Throughout the school year each month we are taking entries through our website of local educators who have been nominated.  We then select 1 winner each month to be recognized as the Educator of the Month Winner.  Each winner will be awarded a check for $500 made payable to them and to their school.  

Rick and his staff know how difficult it is to be an educator.  Most educators spend their own hard earned money each month to create positive learning environments for our local students.  Sometimes, that money spent is not ever reimbursed to them and they end up just swallowing the cost.  They make this sacrifice so our local students can learn and grow. 

Nominate Now

Recognition is something everyone appreciates.  We all deserve a pat on the back every once in awhile for a job well done.  Rick wants to pat our local educators on the back and recognize them for their hard work and sacrifices.  So if you know of a local educator, that spends countless hours in the classroom, is dedicated to their students educational growth, and is deserving of a little extra money to help offset the expenses incurred from being an educator, please go to our website www.rickmerrillattorney.com and nominate them today.

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