Infraction Continuance

What is a Continuance for an Infraction?

There is a chance that we will need to ask for a continuance for your case.

A “Continuance” is a motion to the court to request that a new court hearing date be set. Continuances are normal and have no negative impact on the outcome of your case.

There are multiple reasons why a motion to continue may be filed.

Examples can include:

  • Court calendar scheduling conflicts.
  • Perhaps we are waiting for the complete documentation that we have requested to build the defense for your case.

How Many Times?

This depends on the court that the case is assigned to and the judge that is presiding. In some situations motions to continue may be allowed multiple times for a case. In other situations they may only be allowed one time.

We file the appropriate documents to allow the court to reset the case to a new hearing date. The court will then have a new 120 days to hold a hearing for the traffic infraction.

Do I Need To Worry?

No. The new court date will be placed on our calendar, and we will address the new hearing on your behalf.

Once we have a confirmed outcome for your infraction, you will be notified of the details by mail.

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