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Educator of the Month...

It is inspiring to read all of the heartfelt applications that are submitted each month.  We are surrounded by incredible educators who demonstrate their care and commitment to  each generation of children.  After careful review, we have selected our winner!  

And the Winner of the December 2015 Educator of the Month Award Is….

Matt Grover, of Hilltop Elementary in the Edmonds School District

Below is the entry that was submitted to our website outlining why Mr. Grover is so deserving of  the $500 award:

I have had the great pleasure of not only working with Mr. Matt Grover, but my son was lucky enough to have him as his third grade teacher. Mr. Grover is an amazing teacher who shows a huge amount of care for his students. He has such a calm and kind manner, and treats his students with so much respect. 

He has an incredible way of helping all his students to grow to love reading. My son was a good reader going into third grade, but gained a great love and interest in books by the end of the school year because of Mr. Grover. Mr. Grover helped in creating a boy’s book club which brought over 50 boys to gather after school to read and talk about books. It was amazing to see so many boys gather, and I am confident that it was a successful club because of Mr. Grover. 

I feel blessed and fortunate that my son was able to learn and grow from Mr. Grover. My son says, "He is a good teacher because he read us a lot of really cool books. He is very nice and doesn't ever get mad. I learned to love reading a lot and I learned a lot of math." 

I hope you will choose Mr. Grover as a teacher of the month, he is more than deserving of this award!

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The recipient receives a plaque, a Great Big Check to display, and $500 to help defray miscellaneous costs for the classroom.

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