May Winner Brings Music to our Ears

The May Educator of the Month Winner is Band Director John Grabowski of Arlington High School...

Rick presented John Grabowski with a plaque, a great big check to display, and $500 to help defray miscellaneous costs for the classroom.

Please enjoy some of the nominations from his students.

  • He has inspired so many students to pursue music including myself. He convinced me to join band in high school and I have been a wallet percussionist ever since. He is always there for any student that needs someone to talk to about life and such. He's honestly one of the most caring and compassionate teachers I've ever had...make that the most caring and compassionate.

  • Mr. Grabowski deserves this award because he is so dedicated to his job and helping us to excel, not just in music but in everything. he gives us advice and helps us to be better people in school and for our community. He inspires us to help others and be the best we can be.

  • Mr. Grabowski deserves this award because he devotes all his time and effort into the music program. He arrives to school early and leaves late every day just to help kids succeed. He is also a very motivated person to me and everyone here.

  • Simply put there is nothing he wouldn't do for one of his students. Every single day he arrives with great energy that we all thrive off of. Our whole band is one big supportive family full of individuals. All day, everyday we would all rather be with our band family, coming together to make beautiful and fun music.

  • He's an intelligent, compassionate man who treats his own students as kids. Being in his class really has shown everyone, and me, what the meaning of family is. He connects with everyone, and is always having conversations with all the students. I appreciate him for all the time and effort he has put into teaching us music. P.S. he has the biggest band in the school district.

  • Being a high school band director is a selfless, thankless job most of the time... He could be directing a band much more skilled than ours, but he chooses to spend a majority of his day, every school day with high school players, some who don't practice or don't care as much as they should. just for the chance to inspire those who realize what an amazing place the Arlington High School Band really is.

  • I believe he deserves this award because he is constantly helping his students achieve their goals and reach new levels with their own talents. Helping them to strive to be better not just as individuals but as a whole.

  • The reason Grabowski should be nominated is that he's always cheering us on when we are doing amazing or doing awful. He cares and sees this as more than a job. He sees it as his life, and we're his family. He's a great person and teacher. If anyone deserves this it is Grabowski.

  • He puts a ton of effort into each class. He also runs two jazz bands. One Jazz band meets zero period, every morning. The other twice a week at night. G is always there to talk to, which is great for students. He is an amazing person, musician and teacher.

  • G is the worlds most incredible teacher,director, and friend. He gives to every one of us and we need to thank him for his kindness and compassion. How many people can say their teacher is like their dad? Not many. He deserves it (Heart)

  • He is awesome, a hard worker and dedicates himself to his students. Plus he takes the time to make lifelong comments that enrich the students lives. Moreover, he never gives up on any of his students and although he is hard on all of us. He still just wants all of us to be our best. Mr. Grabowski has not only brought together all of his band members in a healthy way but, he has created lifelong friendships that will last a lifetime.

  • Grabowski is the best teacher at Arlington High School, mainly because he is the band teacher. He has the biggest class in almost the entire district and he puts us, the band, before himself. John Grabowski cares for us like his family and when we ever need help he is always there. It is for these reasons that John Grabowski should be teacher of the month.

  • He was the biggest class of the entire district and somehow manages to remember every single name and story He takes time out of his day to make sure everyone's alright. And if there's any problems he does the best he is capable of to help. From 300 students a year who know him as "Dad".

  • Had him for for years. He's the best teacher I've had. Pretty much Dad #2. He deserves it with all the kids he teaches. He would also need new equipment which is very expensive. Since he's a band teacher. We love him and he needs it.

  • Mr. Grabowski deserves this award because he is like a dad to so many of us. He teaches us what it is like to work hard and supports all of his students and makes them feel loved. He also works incredibly hard to make leaders out of each and everyone of us.

  • He has boundless energy- no matter the situation he always brings positive energy. He's always smiling and ready to help his students. He completely supports the band and the school.

  • John Grabowski is such a great teacher. He devotes his time and effort into spreading music with everyone which is one of the biggest sacrifices anyone can give he has a love for music that is contagious. He is an amazing role to everyone and he deserves this award :-)

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