October 2015 Educator of the Month Winner

October 2015 Educator of the Month Winner

This month we received several entries for the Educator of the Month.  It was really interesting to read all of the great things people had to say about our local educators.  After careful review, we selected a winner!  Jenny Granger of Emerson Elementary in Snohomish School District is the October 2015 Educator of the Month Winner!

Below is a the entry that was submitted to our website outlining why Ms. Granger deserved the $500 award:

“Jenny has taken her love of reading and kids and created a most successful summer reading program.  When it was clear that many of her students were not able to do summer reading because they lacked books, Jenny decided to create the Snohomish Book Cafe.  She collected books, wrote grants, and worked tirelessly to get books into the hands of kids.  Each week, the book cafe bookmobile heads to different locations in Snohomish (trailer parks, Boys and Girls Club, etc) with the simple goal of getting books into hands of kids.  The books are for the kids to keep and love.

Jenny works tirelessly to make sure that the book cafe runs smoothly.  While she is not doing the weekly runs this year, there is not a week that goes by that she does not find herself looking for books for kids (yes, she does take special requests), organizing the book donations, or looking for ways to connect more kids to books, simply put, she is my hero!  The thing is, though, that she is not doing anything that millions of teachers do day in and day out.  She is putting her students first.  Isn’t that what we look to them to do?”

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Recognition is something everyone appreciates.  We all deserve a pat on the back every once in awhile for a job well done.  Rick wants to pat our local educators on the back and recognize them for their hard work and sacrifices.  So if you know of a local educator, that spends countless hours in the classroom, is dedicated to their students educational growth, and is deserving of a little extra money to help offset the expenses incurred from being an educator, please go to our website www.rickmerrillattorney.com and nominate them today!

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