October Educator of the Month Catherine McMaster

Merrill Law Is Honoring Educators In Snohomish County.

Congratulations To Our 2021 October Educator Of The Month

The October Educator of the Month is being presented to Catherine McMaster of Little Cedars Elementary School.

We are surrounded by incredible educators who demonstrate their care and commitment to each generation of children.  We know that Educators spend countless hours, going above and beyond to help each and every student achieve greatness.  Educators have a difficult job, although helping a child learn something new is very rewarding.

The winners are presented a plaque donated by Awards Service, Inc. In addition they are given $500 to help defray miscellaneous costs for the classroom.

Please enjoy this nomination for October Educator of the Month

“My mom, spends COUNTLESS after hours readying her classes, and goes above and beyond to aid to each child’s individual needs. Even when she was doing special education kindergarten.

She is one of the strongest and most supportive people I know. She has made a great impact on people in the community. In fact this last summer on her birthday a special education student stopped by our house, unannounced, with our entire family there to drop off a card of how much her support changed her life.”

Nominated by Trace M.

Thank you for all that you do for the students.

Please Nominate  An Excellent Educator.

Please nominate a local educator who deserves to be recognized. So that we can show our appreciation for their outstanding commitment to education, their countless hours in the classroom, and dedication to their students’ educational growth.

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