What is Probation?

Probation is a specified period of time where jail and fines are usually suspended, on the condition that you do certain things and not do other things. 

When you are convicted of a crime, the court will sentence you. That may include payments and jail time.

The judge may grant you probation with conditions or rules that you are required to follow during the probation period.

Possible Probation Conditions may include:

  • Alcohol evaluation.
  • Drug or alcohol treatment. 
  • SCRAM bracelet.
  • Regular urinalysis drug tests. 
  • Community service hours. 
  • Meetings with your assigned probation officer.
  • No new infractions or criminal charges.  

At the Sentencing hearing you will: 

  • Be provided a written copy of the probation conditions.  
  • Be required to sign the statement that you acknowledge and understand the required terms of release. 

Understanding the terms of your probation.

The judge has granted you this probation and violating any of the conditions can result in jail time or additional fines being imposed.

What is a Probation Violation?

Violating the conditions of your probation is a serious offense.  Your probation officer or court representative will be notified immediately.

A court hearing will be scheduled regarding the violation.

The purpose of this hearing is for you to state to the court the reasons why you violated your probation.

  • Your appearance in court is required. 
  • If you fail to appear for the probation violation, a warrant may be issued.  
  • The judge has the ability to revoke your probation and impose jail time.

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