September 2015 Educator of the Month WINNER!

September 2015  Educator of the Month Winner

We have really been working hard to get the word out that Rick is wanting to support our local educators.  Throughout the school year each month we are taking entries through our website of local educators who have been nominated.  We then select 1 winner each month to be recognized as the Educator of the Month Winner.  Each winner will be awarded a check for $500 made payable to them and to their school.  We are really excited to announce September 2015 winner!

And the Winner is?

August and September we received several nominations for the Educator of the Month.  It was fun to receive the nominations, but also very heartwarming to hear how much our local educators sacrifice for the sake of our youth.  After a thorough review of all the entries, the Law Offices of Rick H. Merrill decided on a winner, Lisa Curtis.  Ms. Curtis in the Preschool Director at Ebenezer Lutheran Church in Lake Stevens.  Below is the nomination that we received for Ms. Lisa.  

    “Lisa curtis the Director & Teacher at Ebenezer.  She, as well as the other teachers, Anya & Tammy, have been keeping this wonderful school alive for many years.  Lisa makes a very low wage and they haven’t had raises in over 5 years.  This is a not-profit Christian based school.  Lisa has worked hundreds of extra unpaid hours over the years.  Her 3 boys & husband have also volunteered many hours.  She also puts on summer camps at no pay for her.  The school has struggled financially for almost all years while still offering scholarships.  She is a wonderful kind-hearted woman who really deserves this acknowledgement!”


Here is Rick presenting Ms. Lisa Curtis with the “Educator of the Month” plaque along with a $500.00 check made payable to Ebenezer Lutheran Church and and Lisa Curtis, for her to use as she wishes to help students to continue to excel in the classroom.   

The Goal

Rick’s goal is to help reward our local Snohomish County Educators.  We understand that being an educator in today’s world has a lot of extra stresses.  Most educators spend countless hours with young students, without receiving any type of pay compensation.  Several educators have expressed  their frustrations with having to use their own hard earned money to buy supplies for their classrooms.  Rick hopes that with the $500.00 donation help alleviate some of those stresses, so our local educators can concentrate on educating our youth.

Remember if you know a local educator in the community that goes above and beyond their normal educator duties, please nominate them on our website.  We review the entries every month and select a deserving winner.  

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