Speed Measuring Devices

Speed limits are important to help with overall traffic safety and having an enforced speed limit helps reduce traffic collisions and fatalities. There are multiple ways a driver could be caught for speeding.  It is important to understand the different tools used by police officers to help enforce the speed limit. 


The Radar gun uses the Doppler effect to measure the speed of a moving vehicle.  A radar gun sends a wave through the air and when the radar frequency hits the fastest moving object in the beam, it sends the  change of frequency information back and the radar gun and then calculates the speed of the vehicle.  


The Lidar gun uses laser light to measure the speed of a moving vehicle.  When in use, the officer points the lidar gun directly at the potentially speeding vehicle’s license plate.  There is a coating on the license plate that helps reflect the laser back to the gun to give the officer the speed reading.  The main difference between the radar gun and the lidar gun, is that the lidar gun can pinpoint exactly what vehicle is exceeding the speed limit.  

Aircraft Patrol

Aircraft patrol is done by a pilot in an airplane.  The pilot would visually observe a potentially speeding vehicle.  The pilot would then locate the white painted lines that have been painted on the roadside and then begin a stopwatch to time the speeding car.  The pilot would then radio down to a patrol officer and give the patrol officer a description of the car along with the timed speed.  If a citation is given for the excessive speed, the patrol officer and the pilot would be required to submit an affidavit, which is a report stating what transpired. 

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