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Scholarship Money...

Don’t Miss Out on the Scholarship Money...

This year Attorney Rick Merrill is proud to offer a $1500 Scholarship to a college student or high school Senior.  

For those students who who are in pursuit of a dream, trying to find a way to make a difference, who have a burning desire to be something after school.

Picture the Dream...

Send us a creative photo that portrays your “Dream”. Perhaps it represents the past, present or the future of your dream.

Photo(s) will need to have captions that explain:
Who... inspired you
What... steps are you taking or planning to make it come true
When... was this, will it be, will it make the most difference
Why... is your dream important to you
How... did you come to this schooling goal

Scholarship Award

The amount of $1,500.00 will be awarded to one college student or high school senior.

Selection and Eligibility Criteria

The scholarship is for 1 student enrolled in an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree or graduate level program or a high school senior.

Applicants must complete the student information form, submit a photo or photo(s) and short caption showing the students dream

Scholarship will be awarded to one student who submits the most creative photo.

Photo Topic

Submit a digital photo or photos, along with a short description or caption of your photo or photo’s that shows your life’s dream.  

Instructions for Applicants

Please fill out the short online student information form.

Send a signed copy of the Scholarship Award Agreement to rickmerrillatty@gmail.com the easiest way to do this is to print the PDF file, fill it out and scan it back into your computer so that you can email it as an attachment.  Alternately, you can print it , fill it out, and then take a clear picture of  it and email the file to us.

Photo(s), Descriptions, and signed agreements may be sent in the same email.  Please make sure that your name is in the Subject Line.

All application materials must reach us by 11:59 pm on May 1, 2016.

We Want to See Your Dream for the Future…

Remember the Most Creative Photo will be chosen by May 20, 2015.

Connect with us

We would love to hear from you!  You can connect with us on social media at any of the networks below. We are active participants in the community and are happy to share more than legal information.

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Image Credit:  College Fund by Holly Ramsey

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

It is That Time of Year…

For Christmas Traditions, those events and activities that we enjoy most.  I have been asking friends and family an important question this season. “What is your favorite Holiday Tradition?”

From Our Little Blue House to Yours…

We enjoy gathering together for dinner gatherings with family and friends to share the joy of this season.

One of the traditions from Rick’s family brings out the kid in all of them, as they gather for an adventure shopping for Toys for Tots.  

Holly and her family really enjoy making Holiday Cards for Heroes to bring cheer to the military and their families. Christmas Caroling at the Nursing Home with their 4-H Club brings so much joy to the the residents and the carolers. and Celebrating the Reason for the Season by attending Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at their family Church.

Kristi and her family host Christmas Cookie Bake-a-Thons, getting together with family to “roll out the dough”, bake and decorate their delightful creations.  Then parties with friends to share and trade cookies and recipes for future celebrations.

Celebrate and Get Home Safe...

Have a plan to get home safely like the Falcon 9 Rocket.  If you partake or are overtired from your activities do not drive.  Arrange for a designated driver, call a friend, call a tow truck, or plan to stay.  

If you get into trouble with the law call your designated Attorney Rick Merrill, he is available 24/7 and can give you direction.

White Christmas…

Yes, you heard me right, the mountain forecast says that the snow level will be 400 feet on Christmas Day.  This is a good time to remember safe driving tips for the snow, leave a large following distance, have chains or traction tires available, pack some sand for added traction if you need to get a grip.  

With Snow on the Way…Rick may need to hitch up the sleigh.

Enter Before it is Too Late….

You could Win $100 for your Original Photo in our photo contest, and you can choose one of these deserving Charities for Rick to donate $100 to on your behalf. 

Grab your camera and show us the picture you took of your favorite Christmas Tree.  We will display the Winning Photo on Rick’s Website.

Please email your digital picture to Rickmerrillatty@gmail.com today!

Contest deadline is December 31st 2015!!

Give us a call

If you have been arrested, received a notice requiring you to appear in court, or have been given a ticket you may need the help of Rick Merrill.  

Rick is an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney and has been helping people in your situation since 1992.

If you have any questions throughout the process call the office, we very happy to help.

Connect with us

We would love to hear from you!  You can connect with us on social media at any of the networks below. We are active participants in the community and are happy to share more than legal information.

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Image Credit: Merry Christmas from the Little Blue House by Dodi C.

Image Credit: Santa Rick by K. Smith