The Winner of the 2019 Rick Merrill Attorney Scholarship

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We are Pleased to Announce the Winner of the $1500 Attorney Rick Merrill Dream Scholarship for 2019...

The Attorney Rick Merrill Dream Scholarship was started in order to help support the dreams of a current high school or college student looking to make a difference through the pursuit of their passion. 

We are ecstatic to support our $1500 winner Jack Gardner with his dream of becoming a Writer!

My name is Jack Gardner, and my dream is to write children’s books that inspire kids to think differently about the world, to let their imaginations fly beyond where our “grownup” minds can take us.

Overall, my biggest inspiration was Walt Disney. When I watched his movies, I felt something special inside that I couldn’t quite describe. I knew that I wanted to make other people feel it too. That's why this dream is so important to me.

I was about 12 years old when my teacher gave us an assignment to write and illustrate a picture book to be presented in class. I entitled mine The Biggelow. After we presented, people started asking to take a look at it. I noticed a certain look on their faces that reminded me of that ”Walt Disney” feeling, that feeling of being a kid again.

I realized I had the ability to incite this feeling in other people through my writing. I’m currently a student at EvCC in the running start program. I’m excited to take english and literature classes that will help make me become a better writer. This scholarship could help my dream come true.

Congratulations again to our winner Jack Gardner. 

Stay tuned for more good news next week.

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Image Credit: Jack Gardner