Traveling with a DUI or Other Criminal Offenses

Traveling with DUI or Other Criminal Offenses

When you have a DUI charge or conviction, travelling out of the country is a bit more complicated.  

You need to be aware that there are rules and restrictions that may prevent your entry into other countries, including Canada.

Be Prepared

Do your research  for the country you are planning to visit

Crossing the Border

According to the Canadian Immigration law if you have been charged with or convicted of a Driving while Impaired (DUI), you could be denied entry into Canada.

Canada does have a permit that you can apply for that may allow your entry into Canada.

Required Documents

Check your documents prior to making any trip across an international border, to confirm each country requirements for entry. 

The Canada Border Services Agency has a list of acceptable documents for a United States citizen may need to cross the border.  

A list of those documents for re-entry United States of America are on the US customs and border protection website.

We know that DUIs can be a life changing event but it isn’t the end of the world.  

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