Waiting on a Winner!

Waiting on a Winner!

This past weekend our panel of judges convened to evaluate each of the amazing entries for the 2016 Attorney Rick Merrill Scholarship.  They invested many hours into this adventure of sharing your dreams for education.

The Photos were interesting, entertaining, creative, colorful and so much fun to view.

The captions were read from start to finish and each entry was evaluated to see the whole picture.

If only each and every person could win…

Because the entries are so good and show so much promise it made them all the best and brightest. 

And so hard to choose from so each entry was displayed for all to see.  Panel members would lobby for their favorites.  In one pairing alone, an entry was strongly advocated for more than 45 minutes by one judge.

The Most Creative Photo…

We all know that beauty and creativity lie in the eye of the beholder.  All of you have all submitted incredible photo’s that shine with your perspective and interest in the future.  

“It was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done” stated one judge.  

Stay Tuned, Next Week…

Our judging panel will announce the winner of the 2016 Attorney Rick Merrill Scholarship!

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Image Credit: Trophy by Holly Ramsey