What Is a Drug or Alcohol Evaluation

What is a Drug or Alcohol Evaluation?

A diagnostic evaluation of your alcohol or drug use history is performed by a certified chemical dependency professional also known as an evaluator.  

Why do I Have a Drug or Alcohol Evaluation Requirement?

There are a few reasons why someone would need to get a Drug or Alcohol evaluation.  

The court may require an alcohol or drug evaluation as part of your probationary release of a current case.  

If you have been convicted of a D.U.I., the Department of Licensing will require an alcohol or drug evaluation in the review process to reinstate your driver’s license.  

Your attorney may ask you to complete an alcohol or drug evaluation in order to help with negotiations with the prosecutor for your pending D.U.I. case.

The Evaluation Interview

The certified evaluator will ask you a multitude of questions to help assess your current alcohol or drug use.  

They will review your:

  • Legal history
  • Blood alcohol content or evidence of drug use at the time of the arrest.  
  • Case history including: age, marital status, education, any previous military service, job status, mental and medical health.  
  • Current use of any prescribed or over the counter medications.  

You will be required to submit a urine sample for a toxicology screening for drugs and alcohol.

Evaluation Completion

After the Evaluation Interview the Evaluator will gather required documents to complete the evaluation report.  

Most agencies require the police report from the incident, your criminal background history, and a copy of your motor vehicle driving record.  You will need to sign the treatment agencies release of information so they may submit it to the Attorney.

The diagnostic evaluation including the  suggested treatment measures are compiled from the personal interview do and the data from the various reports. 

Various Treatment Recommendations.  

Treatment recommendations are made by the professional. The Evaluator will recommend the best course of action to take regarding your current legal issue for the court to review. 

These may include intensive inpatient treatment, outpatient care, an 8 hour alcohol drug information school(A.D.I.S.) or a Victims Panel.  And are suited to the individual case.

We know that DUIs can be a life changing event but it isn’t the end of the world. 

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