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Red light? Green Light?

Those pesky red light camera tickets!  How do they affect me and my driving record?  How did they know it was me driving the car? Why did they send the ticket in the mail?  How did they know where I live? Can I hire Rick to represent me for a red light camera ticket?

The Rules of Game

Red light camera tickets or photo enforced tickets are given to people who run red lights in a local city.  A red light camera is connected to the traffic signal and the sensors are buried in the pavement at the stop line or crosswalk.  Most of the time the red light cameras photograph the license tag of the vehicle, but there is a rare instance that the driver is photographed as well. Usually there are two pictures taken at the time.  One picture is taken when the vehicle crosses the stop line, and the second picture is taken when the vehicle is in the intersection.  There are several pieces of information that are included on the photograph; date, time, place, vehicle speed, and the elapsed time from the light turning red to the time the picture was taken.

Who says?  Simon Says?

Each red light camera ticket or photo enforced tickets are usually viewed by a person before the citation is issued.  A trained individual verifies the vehicle information and confirms that the vehicle committed the infraction.  The ticket is then issued to the registered owner of the car and mailed to the address on file for the vehicle.  It can take up to three weeks or more for the tickets to be processed and the fines vary in dollar amounts based on the jurisdiction.

Duck Duck Goose

So unfortunately you received the red light camera ticket in the mail.  Now what do you do?   Thankfully the infraction should not go on your driving record, because photo enforced tickets are issued to the registered owner of the car. No one is able  to verify who was actually driving the vehicle when the infraction occurred.  Hence the infraction should not go on your driving record.  However, the ticket does affect the renewal of the registration of the vehicle.  The registered owner of the vehicle may not be able renew the tabs until the fine  issued  for the red light camera ticket has been paid.

Mother May I?

Rick is an excellent attorney for traffic infractions and you certainly can contact us if you have any questions.  Rick’s ultimate goal when hiring him is to protect your driving record.  Since the red light camera tickets should not go on your driving record, Rick’s advice would be to pay the fine or go to court and get the fine reduced.  But do not ignore the ticket as it may affect your vehicle license registration renewal.

Hide and Go Seek

We have included a link to a map that will help you locate the cities that use photo enforced cameras in the State Of Washington.  This is a current map for 2014, however, there are more and more cities installing these types of traffic control devices so be forewarned that the map could potentially change.

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