A Conversation About DUI

DUI, DOL, Courts, What Does it all mean?

There are 2 parts to a DUI. Administrative Loss of License through the Department of License and Criminal charges through the courts. Each DUI will have various factors that are to be addressed to resolve the case.

Attorney Rick Merrill is here to help you.

DOL is the Department of License.

The administrative hearing is held to determine if your case requires an administrative loss of license.

Court Criminal Case.

Each DUI that is charged will work its way through the court to come to a resolution of the criminal charges.

The Time Lines.

The time lines vary for each case and the Entity who is bringing the charges. While it can be hard to wait, there is simply a lot of documentation and steps required to file and begin each case.

While quick and easy is nice in regards to stressful situations, we have found that DUI cases are intricate and involved to process correctly. We will work with you to come to a resolution for the case.

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