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 Traffic / Speeding Tickets

We can help you protect your driving record when you get a traffic or speeding ticket. When you hire us, we will request all of the documentation required to build the best defense for your specific case. We take care of the court appearance for you so you will not need to attend. When we have finished with the case we will send a letter to notify you of the outcome.



We know that a DUI can change your life in so many ways. We work with you to address your needs regarding your driver’s license and the appropriate resolution of the case. The Court and the Department of Licensing are involved in a DUI. Each have different time frames and expectations related to the case that need to be handled. We can help you navigate these important steps regarding a DUI.


Criminal Defense

When you are facing a criminal charge in Everett or anywhere in Snohomish County, it is important to have an experienced attorney at your side to assist you through the legal process. These charges can affect your life in deep and ongoing ways. We work to resolve your case in your best interests. Contact us directly to discuss the specific details of your case with an attorney.


Personal Injury Law

We can help you If you have been injured in an auto accident. Our Attorney will speak with you about your Personal Injury case and help you decide on the best course of action to address your losses.