What is a Ticket?

A Ticket is a Civil Infraction

These are some examples :

  • Speeding ticket
  • Negligent Driving 2nd degree
  • Personal Electronic Device
  • Fail to Yield
  • Improper Lane change
  • Fail to Signal
  • Speeding too fast for conditions

How does a Traffic Ticket affect you:

  • Go on your Driving Abstract as a moving violation.
  • Can cause your insurance rates to go up.
  • Can add points to your license.
  • Will show on your record for 3 years.
  • May affect your job either now or in the future.

We Can Help You Fight Your Ticket!

Our Attorneys work to protect your record. We will:

  • Request all required documentation from the court.
  • Develop the best defense strategy for each individual infraction.
  • Address your ticket at the court hearing for you.
  • Confirm the outcome has been properly recorded in your docket.
  • Notify you of the outcome and any steps you need to do to complete the process.

How do you Hire Merrill Law to Represent You?

The completed client agreement form and the fee will need to be paid prior to Merrill Law being able to represent you in court.

Traffic tickets are generally handled by our legal team during office hours.

Handwritten Client Signatures are required to hire the Law Office of Rick Merrill. If client is a minor, Parent or Guardian Signatures are also required.

To get started.

  • Come in to the office during business hours or,
  • Call during business hours to have the form sent to you by Email, Fax or Mail.
  • Send a request for an agreement form via the website.

Regarding your Ticket

  • You must respond to the court with in the 15 calendar day time restriction.  
  • we can send the ticket to the court for you, if you bring it into the office in a timely manner.
  • If you intend to hire Merrill Law, we ask that you mark the contested hearing box, it is the 3rd box on the ticket, and mail the ticket directly to the court.  

We have pointed out come important areas to look for information on your ticket. There are a few different formats that may be issued.

Options on your ticket.

You have a three options on your ticket to tell the court how you wish to address this matter.  You will find these options at the bottom of a white ticket or on the back of a green ticket.

  1. Enclose payment with the ticket and mail the ticket directly to the court.  If you select this option, you should understand that the traffic infraction will go on your driving record.
  2. Request a Mitigation Hearing.  By requesting this type of hearing, you are agreeing that you have committed the infraction, but would like to explain the circumstances in which the violation occurred.  This will be a hearing that you will be required to attend to present your case to the court. The infraction will go on your record with a mitigated hearing.
  3. Request a Contested Hearing. When hiring Merrill Law for representation, a contested hearing is the preferred type of hearing as it allows the details of the infraction to be challenged in court.

Please return the ticket to the court at the address noted on the ticket.

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